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Best Gaming Motherboard 2021: Sorted by Chipset, Socket & Form Factor

These are the best Gaming Motherboards to buy in 2021:

Apart from having powerful internals equipped in your gaming system, if it lacks a well-built motherboard, surely you won’t be able to enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest. Having a low-end gaming motherboard, you would be dealing all the time with internal heating problems, limited ports count, below-average sounds because of cheap audio chipset. Motherboard for a reason claims to be the central communication center for all the important connecting peripherals, where they are plugged-in in order to communicate each other. The best gaming motherboard can boost a processor to bring one of the smoothest gaming experience ever by adding better onboard audio chipset, catchy looks, comparatively worthy PCIe lane setup, greater PCIe slots count, additional SATA ports, etc.

Opting for low-end motherboards for professional gaming might cause you more harm despite the relief. Gaming and a strong motherboard are two highly coupled things that you can’t go for best gaming without compromising a motherboard. The best motherboard for gaming opens room for gamers to enhance their skill set by introducing gaming at its best. Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and ASRock are few of the reputable and known manufacturers for their up to the mark best gaming motherboards.

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Key Factors To Consider

Going for the best gaming motherboard can sometimes be a handy job if you don’t have the basic knowledge about what factors should I consider before buying one. Here is a list provided with all important factors that you must give a read, ensuring that you are on right track.

Socket Type & Chipset

LGA (Land Grid Array), PGA (Pin Grid Array), and BGA (Ball Grid Array), these are the 3 suitable socket types available nowadays. AMD processors are mostly working on PGA sockets and Intel made processors LGA socket types. The BGA socket types are not used mostly because they lack up-gradation property, they cannot be upgraded later if needed. Socket type is determined by the motherboard of a processor.

The motherboard’s chipset is the most important factor to consider, this is where all the in and outs are recognized to whether they are feasible with the processor or not. The motherboard chipset is so much important if you have a huge list of expansion cards to ensure that chipset you are opting for has plenty of bandwidth. Also, must confirm that the motherboard is workable with the in-built processor (AMD & Intel).

Form Factor

The motherboard Form factor is the next important thing to consider, the form factor of a motherboard determines the appearance and how things are adjusted in the best possible way inside a gaming CPU. In short, It actually refers to the overall design, layout, space holding, or the physique of a motherboard. Apart from socket type & chipset, compact form factor plays a vital role in the greatness of a motherboard or could be the best selling reason. AT, Standard ATX, Nano ITX, Pico ITX, Mini ITX, Micro ATX, and Mobile ITX are few key form factors available. The standard ATX form factors are used widely because of offering plenty of expansion slots. Micro ATX is common but not used much because of limited expansion slots.

PCI Slots & Hosts Bus Speed

Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) slots coming up next the most important factor to consider, Depending on how you plan to use your computer, you will need to consider if your motherboard has the slots to suit your requirements, If you are a professional gamer, its clear crystal that you will want the system to be equipped with PCI x16 express and multiple of those will be needed in order to connect multiple cards. For a long time, PCI slots are considered the conventional slots offering room for expansion cards like audio cards, and LAN and Wi-Fi adapters, etc that enrich the overall performance of a motherboard by adding additional features.

While going for the best gaming motherboard 2021, must ensure in advance that the motherboard offers you enough memory for now and onward. A rapid host bus speed greatly affects the overall performance of a gaming motherboard. DDR2 DIMMs and PC3200 DDR-SDRAM are currently applicable modules with most of the motherboards.

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Best Motherboard for Gaming 2021

1. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero Z490

ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero Z490

  • Excellent Cooling
  • Easy Overclocking
  • Pricey
Tech Specs
  • SOCKET: LGA1200
  • CHIPSET: Intel Z490
  • MEMORY SUPPORT: 4 x DIMM (Max. 128GB)

Asus ROG Maximus XII Hero coming at number 1st is a worthy contender for best gaming motherboard 2021, where you ask for elegance or for a powerful performance, Maximus Hero XII has both to offer. Intel with its Maximus motherboards lineup has brought rich features, amazing aesthetics, top-notch performance, exceptional overclocking speed to the gaming industry. The Asus Rog Maximus XII Hero has an exemplary high-end and feature-rich Z490 board. The Maximis Hero XII features Integrated I/O shield, five Gigabytes per second LAN speed, enough room for memory storage, Wi-Fi 6 and SLI (Scalable Link Interface). Top tier memory overclocking, as it reaches 4000MHz CL16 stable with a Trident Z Neo kit. For CPU overclocking, Maximus Hero is able to achieve 5.2 GHz on all the cores.

ASUS never disappoints with its design, may it be their high-end gaming laptop or any other gaming-related accessories, you would witness enough elegance and attraction especially with an amazing RGB lighting implementation. Asus ROG Maximus XII Hero comes with relatively a compact form factor and radiates grace. You also get AI networking with Wi-Fi 6 support and Asus’ Aura Sync illumination, which makes it the best choice you should consider while upgrading to a 10th-generation Intel Core processor. The only area where this best z390 motherboard suffers is that tackling the heat production when fitted with some powerful processor like the latest 10th generation Intel Core i9-10900k. Asus has worked hard to resolve the issue with VRM thermals (Voltage Regular Module) that barely exceeds 60-degree centigrade when introduced to high performance.

2. GIGABYTE X299X AORUS Designare


  • Thunderbolt 3
  • Dual 10GbE, plus 2.4Gbps Wi-Fi 6
  • Expensive
Tech Specs
  • SOCKET: LGA2066
  • CHIPSET: Intel X299 PCH
  • MEMORY SUPPORT: 8 x DDR4 DIMM (Max. 256GB)

The Gigabyte X299X Aorus Designare stands at second place on the list of best motherboard 2021 for gaming. With its high-end features and brilliant design, the Gigabyte X299X is made solely for the 48 lanes of extreme Intel’s 10th gen, the X2999X Designare 10G is equipped with loaded Intel X550 dual 10GB’s/Sec Ethernet and two Thunderbolt headers with DisplayPort pass through on Intel’s 40GB’s/Sec controller. A four-drive expander M.2 card and Wifi 6 with 2.4GB’s/Sec speed finish a feature set of which the motherboard perfectly balances the price efficiency.

Gigabyte X299X Aorus Designare comes with a good looking design, a compact but packs enough on its deck to bring the best gaming experience, the 2 x RGB lighting extension, 1 x noise sensor, the kit involves 2 x thermistors for heating purpose and packs 6 x SATA (Serial AT Attachment) slots. Similarly, the X299X Designare holds a G-Connector bundle for front-panel button/LED cable ends, two Velcro cable ties, and a dual-band Wi-Fi antenna. Gigabyte X299X Aorus Designare offers an EasyTune feature, which makes it easy to adjust the processor’s frequency and levels of voltage. The RGB Fusion 2.0 feature of Aorus Designare processes controllers of the RGB on motherboard and graphics card. X299X Designare 10G holds enough primary, secondary, and tertiary latency giving you an edge when it comes to modular programming. X299X designare with its DDR4-3600 settings, it’s memory bandwidth beats the past ASRock’s X299 Taichi CLX.

3. MSI MPG Z390


  • Stylish
  • Feature-Packed
  • Expensive
Tech Specs
  • SOCKET: LGA1511 (8th & 9th Gen Only)
  • CHIPSET: Intel Z390
  • MEMORY SUPPORT: 2 x DIMM sockets (up to 32GB)

In case if you are looking for a motherboard that has comparatively a small form factor to fit-in everywhere by not asking for much space and still claims to be the best amongst all – The Micro ATX form factor MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge AC packs enough high-end gaming features at a bit more price. MSI MPG Z390M offers you SLI and crossfire assistance as well as 2 x M.2 Slots along with everything that takes gaming to some next level. If you are specifically looking for a small-sized motherboard with high-end features too, you must consider MSI MPG Z390 as your best gaming motherboard 2021.

MSI MPG Z390M helps the DIY (Do it yourself) users with its compact design and boosting your system to the next level with its amazing tuning and troubleshooting features. MSI MPG Z390M is really easy and simple to fit in your system without any complexity or rocket science. The well-built inside circuit system helps the motherboard to deliver power and efficiency. High-quality materials and intelligent optimization of fans help to cool all necessary components, which is critical to ensure that the system is always stable and delivering the best performance. Most of the MSI motherboards are made with great audio and the latest LAN networking capabilities that bring immersive gaming.

4. ASRock H370M Pro4

ASRock H370M Pro4

  • Performance
  • Heat Control
  • Poor Audio Chip
Tech Specs
  • SOCKET: LGA1151
  • CHIPSET: Intel H370

If you are willing to have a best gaming motherboard 2021 with in a limited price range and even not compromising on the key features, you must go for ASRock H370M Pro4 gaming motherboard. ASRock H370M Pro4 diverges the High-Speed I/0 channel between the 2 x USB 3.0 ports and two SATA (Serial AT Attachment) headers. You will definitely love the port combination of ASRock H370M Pro4 that too in a affordable price tag when compared to the competitors.

To make the H370M Pro4 more power and performance efficient, ASRock, despite using the micro-strip they have used stripline routing with Plane on outer layers (POOL) that make use of 4 layers. Best gaming Motherboards sometimes suffer to bring power via power chocks, but ASRock H370M Pro4 with its 45A checks all the boxes to bring enough for delivering electricity to the processor for enhanced and optimal performance keeping the temperature as low as possible. The PCB fabric glass with tough tightness design helps to minimize the space between the PCB layers keeping the motherboard safe from short circuits that are caused mostly by humidity. H370M Pro4 being the best motherboard 2021 when it comes to throughput performance, extremely moderate processor utilization, increased stability making it quite able to bring you the best network experience. ASRock H370M Pro4 can be considered amongst the top motherboards of the time.

5. ASRock X570 Phantom

ASRock X570 Phantom

  • Design
  • Easy to Install
  • Excellent Cooling
  • Upgrading Storage
Tech Specs
  • CHIPSET: AMD Premium X570
  • MEMORY SUPPORT: 4 x DIMM sockets (up to 128GB)

If you are thinking of setting up an AMD setup for the PC you are building, then you can’t ignore the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X. X570 Phantom Gaming X has everything that comes in a best gaming motherboard 2021 whether you ask for compact good looking design to settle easy not holding much of a space, one of the best gaming features to bring optimal gaming experience, the high-end cooling features to tackle heating issues when introduced to intensive situations. The best between competitors with its Wi-Fi 6 feature to boot. ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X carries a limitation of upgradation, you cannot make any upgradtion keeping its physical design in perspective but professional geeks shouldn’t be worry about this board when it comes to performance, you won’t witness any other limitation or weakness in this best motherboard for gaming.

ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X comes with one of the best form factor, carrying enough powerful port combination on its deck to offer lightning-fast data transferring. There is a PCI (Peripheral component interconnect) Express 4.0 M.2 (Solid-state drive) SSDs which can transfer with twice what was offered previously by third-generation ports. To provide trouble-free power to the processor, X570 holds excellent overclocking potential keeping the temperature balanced. To know whether the Boot-DRAM-VGA-CPU working fine, ASRock X570 comes up with vital troubleshooting mechanisms, that also makes it easy to recognize the main problem. To make the signals more stable and the powerful graphics card to firmly hold by the PCIe slot. ASRock provides 2 x USB 3.2 Generation two ports will let you have an extra fast file transferring experience with transfer rate up to 10GB’s/Sec. Detecting and resolving single-bit errors is no more a difficult job when you have equipped Error-Correcting-Code (ECC). You have the opportunity to make wireless connections VIA M.2 801.11ac slot. ASRock’s X570’s heating of the chipset and MOSFET is tackled by the extra-large aluminum alloy to let the whole system work stable.

6. Asus ROG Strix B550-E

Asus ROG Strix B550-E

  • Easy Setup
  • Affordable
  • Build Quality
  • Limited CPU Support
Tech Specs
  • MEMORY SUPPORT: 4 x DIMM (up to 128GB)

ASUS ROG B550-E coming up at number six, is indeed a worthy consideration if you are looking to build a real gaming rig. The Asus has a great history of delivering amazing gaming accessories, they are perfectly cost-efficient, built with extra-ordinary gaming features under its deck. ASUS ROG B550-E is a best gaming motherboard 2021, coupled with AMD Ryzen third generation useful chip. B550-E has enough to offer you with its in-built port combinations, you would be amazed with its PCIe slot 4.0 along with another PCIe 3.0. Professional gamers looking for high-end performance smoothly with its ultimate electric power delivering capabilities across the the circuits and that too keeping the motherboard temperature balanced.

ASUS ROG Strix B550-E comes comparatively at a good price with around 200$, it offers a great design and enough gaming features to bring you the ultimate gaming experience. The Supreme FX Audio features make the sound coming more in a realistic manner. The Wi-Fi 6 Ax200 feature of INTEL opens ways for creativity with great bandwidths. Similar motherboards within this price range might not offer you all of what ASUS ROG B550-E offers you. B550-E’s board has a room for 4 x DIMM slots (Single-side latching) that are capable of fitting 128GB of DDR4 RAM. The PCIe 4.0 slot offers room for lightning-fast file transfer and is optimal for useful networking.

7. MSI Creator TRX40

MSI Creator TRX40

  • Good overclocking
  • Efficient Cooling
  • Expensive
Tech Specs
  • MEMORY SUPPORT: 8 x DIMM (up to 256G)

MSI Creator TRX40 is truly among the best gaming motherboards whether you talk about its design or about its efficiency with gaming features, made for gaming professionals no doubt. The compact design holds plenty of room for latest and powerful ports to connect anything you think can enhance your gaming experience. Among those are the noticeable latest PCIe generation four slots and M.2 connectors, 2 x USB 3.2 Generation 2, Wi-FI 6, and 10G LAN, as well as the MSI’s Frozr Heatsink design and Mystic Light RGB lighting. A little more pricey when compared to the competitors but won’t disappoint you with its amazing set of latest features. MSI Creator TRX40 are termed as the top motherboards for professional creative endeavors.

MSI never brings any gaming equipment that is not catchy with a feature set. it has a glossy design that looks pretty much attractive when fitted inside. The MSI Creator TRX40 strong build is all-aluminum made that help it to tackle the heat issues and run faster than ever. The MSI has involved Steel armor for the VGA (Vidoe graphics array) to not get bend or to absorb unexpected shocks. The motherboard Wi-Fi technology techniques are unbeatable, MU-MIMO and the BSS (Basic service set) works wonders with its 2400MBs/sec speed. The solely isolated DMM slots work well also confirming safe data travelings. The heat dissipation issues are tackled by MSI Creator TRX40 quite handsomely and thus can be termed as the best motherboard 2021.

8. ASRock B450M Pro4

ASRock B450M Pro4

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Sensitive
Tech Specs
  • CHIPSET: AMD Promontory B450
  • MEMORY SUPPORT: 4 x DIMM (Max. 64GB)

ASRock B450M Pro4 is among one of the best Intel motherboards for pure strain gamers. This top-rated gaming motherboard has been built with an affordable price tag and a well-managed feature set eliminating the unnecessary oned. ASRock B450M Pro4 offers powerful performance with a sturdy base second-generation AMD Ryzen. Even though this best gaming motherboard covers less space because of its compact design, but you won’t get exhausted by looking at its port combination. It holds an M.2 slot that has the ability to work both with PCIe x4 third-generation M.2 ultra that is capable of file transferring at a serious pace of 32GB’s/Sec and (Serial AT attachment) SATA3 6GB’s/sec. Not just that, it is well-suited with ASrock u.2 design kit that gives an opportunity to fit the rapid fast U.2 x4 SSD(Solid-state drive) third-generation.

ASRock B450M Pro4 is built great design-wise, in order to deliver optimal performance keeping the heating issues in perspective. It is made of strong copper material especially its upper layer. The ASRock B450M Pro4 has 2 x Type-C and USB Type-A ports that have the ability to work with next-generation USB 3.1 accessories with 10GB’s/Sec transfer speed capacity. The motherboard is highly stable with the firm caps that ensure the longer lifespan of it as well. The full spike protection on this motherboard is made to handle the unexpected spikes of voltage. ASRock B450M Pro4 supports a smartphone application that enables you to keep yourself up to date with that of ARsock updates.

9. ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming

ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming

  • Dual Channel RAM
  • M.2 Compatibility
  • 32GB RAM
Tech Specs
  • MEMORY SUPPORT: Dual Channel 2 x DDR4 3 (Max. 32GB)

Asus Rog Strix X470 coming at number nine on the list of best gaming motherboards is genuinely special because ASUS works extremely hard to deliver master pieces to the gaming market and for a reason high-end gaming professional loves ASUS gaming accessories alot because of their efficiency and designs. Asus ROG Strix x470-F has really a compact form factor that is MiniITX, its pack power and efficiency under its deck. Offers you Audio Combo M.2 Riser, with the help of which you wont’t be worrying about installing M.2 SSD (Solid state drive) and similarly other important things.

Next coming towards the design of Asus Rog Strix X470, it comes with a good looking matte black design that radiates a professional look and it extremely easy to install with no much complexity. The high-quality capacitors of ROG X470-F withstand extreme temperatures of -55C to 105C – a range that is 110% better than the industry standard. Asus’s safe slot is the PCIe slot reinvented. The integrated Digi+ (VRM) Voltage-regulator-module is one of the finest in industry, ensuring the smoothest power delivery to the CPU.

10. MSI Z270 M5

MSI Z270 M5

  • Speedy Next-Gen Storage.
  • Design
  • Installation
Tech Specs
  • SOCKET: LGA 1151
  • CHIPSET: Intel Z270
  • MEMORY SUPPORT: 4 x DIMM (Max. 64GB)

MSI Z270 M5 are midranger best gaming motherboards packing next-generation storage features, stealthy looks and tasteful RGB lighting all in a package under $200. MSI Z270 M5 holds a unique glossy and attractive look, equipped with premium gaming features, as MSI known for a long time for their ability to provide gaming accessories of next level. Professional Gamers looking for a gaming motherboard that as so much of space even to secure their future gaming as well, perfect aesthetic design, the MSI Z270 M5 motherboard surely won’t disappoint with what it offers for better gaming experience.

The MSI Z270 supports 7th/6th Generation Intel Core/Pentium/Celeron processors for LGA 1151 socket and DDR4-3800+(OC) Memory boosted with steel armor ensuring performance boosting of your DDR4 memory. The Virtual reality features in-built in this amazing gaming motherboard that is VR boost and Ready works so well that you would definitely fall in love. You will witness lo lag, no latency, and smooth gaming experience. For making the sound more clear and attractive, Audio boost Four features is here to help you. Other features are Twin Turbo M.2, strongest Steel Armor, extra fast USB 3.1 generation two, and Turbo U.2 with Intel Optane Memory Ready. Military Class 5 and Guard-Pro that covers MSI Z270 M5 are the latest evolution in high-quality components for the best protection and efficiency.



  • Performance
  • Connectivity Options
  • Price Efficient
  • OC limits
Tech Specs

The Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro coming up next on the list of best gaming motherboards 2021, even though comes on a budget but surely don’t falls short to provide you will all important features for seamless gaming. Gigabyte is known for years for providing mainstream gamers with a full spectrum of gaming products. The Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro comes with a compact ATX form factor that perfectly fits-in in your system keeping other internals well balanced. This is one of the best budget gaming motherboard 2021 that can provide you with a room to enhance your gaming skillset with an ultimate performance.

The Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro comes with a unique design, having mostly gray and black shades on its deck and glimpses of orange and silver giving a Aorus Flair like feeling. The integrated RGB lightening on Aorus Pro can be made customized easily with a help of provided software. Speaking further about the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro’s specifications, it comes with AMD AM4 socket type and is compatible with AMD Ryzen 3rd generation, 2nd generation, and 1st generation processor types. The B450 Pro comes with 4 x DIMMs slots with up to 64GB RAM storage. Furthermore, it has Intel Ethernet LAN plus Dual band 802.11AC wifi, dual PCIe 3rd generation M.2 Nvme with thermal guards to help the motherboard dissipate heat efficiently. For cooling purpose the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro possess Smart Fan 5 that keeps the motherboard low with temperature under intensive gaming’s.

Frequently Asked Question

Motherboard Key Functionalities & Various Form Factors?

Some key functions of the computer motherboard are listed below:

  • All of the main components of the computer rely mainly on a motherboard, actually, the motherboard holds all those parts (Hard disks, RAM, processor, etc) in order to make them functional.
  • It helps the system to install necessary devices and providing an interface to expansion slots.
  • It helps to distribute power across the system.
  • It helps the interfering components to work in a coordinated manner.
  • Various motherboard form factors are ATX, BTX, MiniATX, MicroATX, MiniITX, etc.

    AMD or Intel’s Motherboard?

    AMD motherboards are considered slightly above the Intel ones because of their efficient performance. While the Intel CPUs have stronger single-core and power gaming performance than even AMD’s best Threadripper CPUs. This means each board is catchy in its own way and you can go for Intel or AMD depending on your choice.

    Why do most of the Motherboards fails?

    There come rare cases when the motherboard fails, not so often. More specifically the reasons behind motherboard failures are either because they receive so much heat because of the pressure being inserted on the overall system. There can be some electrical circuit heated so much causing the motherboard a lot of damage. Or either because of some physical shock.

    How can I Change my motherboard?

    In order to remove the old motherboard, you will need to remove the cooling fans first, the CPU (Central processing unit), and the RAM (Random Access Memory). Once all of the mentioned things are remove one by one, then you can easily install the new motherboard on your computer.

    Final Words
    We have completed our job reviewing the best gaming motherboards of the time with enough details regarding design and specifications. A detailed buying is also included in order to make it easy to understand the terms along some relevant Frequently asked questions.
    Good Luck!

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