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Best Smart Lock 2021: (Popular & Secure Smart Door Locks)

These are the best Smart Locks to buy in 2021:

A smart lock opens the door to more flexible options which a conventional door lock can not. An smart lock you use, will not only increase the security, but will also let you use other smart features like guest entry, notifications, and virtual keys for people to enter your when you are not home but you want them to get in. For all these reasons, you should get the best smart lock and actually make sure if it’s the perfect fit for you. This is because there a a lot of smart door locks available on the market and deciding form them can be somewhat confusing.

We have listed some of the best smart looks 2021 based on things like easy installation, good design, smart features and other convenience related factors. And if you are still not sure whether you should switch to a smart lock or not, you better do. Because there is no doubt about how a best smart lock for home can make your life easy, fun and relax. So, without any further ado, these are the some of the best smart home locks you will get this year.

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Choosing the Best Smart Lock for Home

There’s a number of type available among smart locks, not all of them are the same. They come in different prices, they look different and most of all, they are made for different purposes. Choosing a smart lock should be easy, once you know why you are buying one and where you will be using it. Once you decide on everything mentioned below, buying the best smart lock for home will be a piece of cake.

Connectivity and Smart Home Features

The very first thing which you should look into is how the smart lock can connect to your phone and other smart devices in your home. In most cases, a smart lock will be able to communicate via Bluetooth, Zigbee or Z-Wave. Bluetooth is short range and is included in smart locks which are mean to communicate with your smartphone only. On the contrary, smarter locks which are made so that they could be connected to other smart devices or the internet come with Z-Wave as connection medium. Such devices usually come with a separate bridge which you have to place somewhere near the lock inside your home and will allow your lock to communicate with other devices.

Then comes the factor whether or not you smart lock is capable of working with smart home systems like Google Assistant and Alexa. This is important because having this features make things super easy for you. Things like locking the door from your bedroom when going to sleep or auto lock of the door when you leave is what really matters when you get used to such luxury.

Battery and Power

You must know that most smart locks are powered by the conventional AA batteries. This makes it easier for you to be free from the thought of charging the device etc. However, there is a bad side to this. What happens is that at times the batteries might drain and you would not know about the status of it. For this, most smart lock comes with a backup method, in some lock you will find the traditional key method which you can use when the smart system is not working or the batteries have drained. Whereas, other smart locks are designed such so that they allow for external power sources to be applied when its necessary.

Multiple/Guest Access

Smart locks allow you to set up multiple access codes which could be for your family members or maybe you have a guest sometime. Not all smart locks come with this feature but it really is a useful one. You will be able to create temporary access codes which will allow your guest to enter and leave and you can even restrict this entry to a specif time. And then these access keys are very easy to delete once your guests leave.

Design and Installation

Well the design of a smart lock matters in a way that it should be acceptable at the door where you are installing it. And most of all, it should look good there. You should not opt for a smart door look which will look as if it is not the part of that door. As a matter of fact, a lot of fancy and elegant smart locks are available in the market. The comes the part about installation of smart locks. It is not a very difficult task if you would like to do it your self. Because in most cases, smart lock use the same holes drilled for your previews locks, and one can very easily swap them. However, it is always recommended to have a professional do the replacement for you.

Alternate Entry Methods

All best smart locks come with multiple entry methods, your smartphone app is not the only one. But each of these lock come with different entry methods. Say you forgot your smartphone at office or at a friend’s place, what could you possibly do now. Would you need to wait for another authorized user of the same lock, it might be your brother, parents or your girlfriend. Or, do you have other entry means like a physical key and fingerprint scanner. So, each smart lock will have different alternate entry means for which you will have to decide based on your convenience.

GPS / RFID Enabled

Geo-fencing is a relatively new piece of technology which comes in handy in most of the places. What happens is that the smart lock creates a virtual boundary for itself which is capable of sensing if you are inside or outside of that boundary, of course it senses your smartphone not you. What happens is that when you leave the premises, the door automatically locks and then when you enter the premises, it unlocks itself. This feature is available in some smart locks and is a pretty smart thing to have on you. Make sure you check the lock you are buying if it has Geo-fencing enabled or not.

Best Smart Lock 2021

1. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Matte Black

  • Design
  • Feature Rich
  • Price

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt coming at first place on the list of best smart lock 2021, an extremely trustworthy smart lock that is pretty much customizable and versatile by its nature. This best smart door lock offers you the opportunity to lock and unlock your house doors quite easily with an in-built Bluetooth system. These smart locks further provides a 30 combinations of smart codes that you can share with different family members to be individually able to unlock the door. The smart code would be a combination 4 digits. Forget about losing door keys, a smart phone with simple Bluetooth connectivity can do wonders for you now.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is no doubt a handy contender available in different styles and colors to perfectly match your door shades. This amazing smart lock’s design is classified in two categories, the classic Camelot and the modern century one. They comes in different shades as well, the matte black, aged bronze, and the satin nickel that feels pretty genuine. The smart lock is compatible with Google home assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice commands to make it further accessible for you. Schlage door lock ensures safety and convenience with its working mechanism.

2. Nest x Yale Smart Lock

Nest x Yale Smart Lock

  • Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Great App
  • Expensive

Nest coming the Nest Yale Smart lock, this top rated smart lock is being manufactured by a very reputable “Nest” brand that is known for providing smart home accessories at its best. Yale smart locks are designed extremely well with a very sturdy surfaces that no one can dare to breach this best home smart lock system. It carries a numeric keypad on its outer surface to make it easily accessible for you to enter the smart keycode. One specialty that differs the Yale smart lock from all other smart locks on the list is that, it can be installed easily without reaching out for any expert to do so, it carries no installation complexity.

Apart from ensuring a trustworthy home lock security system, the Nest Yale smart lock possesses an eye-catching design as well. These smart locks mostly come in a Polished brass color but depends on your choice, you have two other choices too to select from, satin nickel and the oil-brushed bronze color. It works in an interesting way that pleases everyone, in order to unlock with this best smart lock for home, all you have to do is to press the Yale’s logo on the outer surface of the lock, you will witness a numeric keypad offering you digits from 0 – 9. Just enter the smart code and press the “√” key, the door should unlock simultaneously. With its versatile nature, this best smart door lock offers you a feature to lock the door automatically after a pre-defined duration. This feature works well for those who mostly forgets to lock the door at night.

3. August Home ASL-03 Smart Lock Pro +

August Home ASL-03 Smart Lock Pro +

  • High Quality Build
  • Simple Installation
  • Thrid Party Integrations
  • Chunky Design
  • Pricey

August Home ASL-03 Smart Lock Pro + coming at 3rd place on the list of best smart lock for home, is a worthy consideration indeed with what it offers in terms of security. These smart locks are slightly more expensive and bulky with design but ensures ultimate safety, easy to work with nature, and packs good looking design. The most exciting feature that so far is being the best selling point of this best smart lock for front door, is that it unlocks the door automatically with its intelligence when you are within some 200 meters. You may be arriving from shopping with so many grocery and other home items in your hands and not being able to unlock the door with entering a smart code, the Auto-unlocking feature surely is there to tackle this type of scenario.

Design-wise, these locks are bulky with measuring 3.4 by 3.4 length and width. The August Home ASL-03 Smart Lock Pro + are tough to intruders to pass through, ensures a highly secure lock system. these top rated smart locks holds handy other features as well, to offer you convenience. It works with Bluetooth, August Wi-Fi bridge, Home kit, and Z-wave plus that makes it easy for the device to be compatible with honey wall total connect, wink hub, IFTT, Logitech harmony, comcast X-finity, POP, etc. The easy to use mobile application of August Home ASL-03 Smart Lock Pro + can be installed both on IOS and Android OS. The smart application carries One-Tap lock and unlock features with the help of single key press, the most useful feature for busy geeks with no time to enter the keycode. This best smart lock for front door is also compatible with Amazon Alexa Google Home Assistant for voice commands.

4. Lockly Keyless Entry Latch Smart Lock

Lockly Keyless Entry Latch Smart Lock PGD628

  • High Quality Build
  • Simple Installation
  • Thrid Party Integrations
  • Expensive
  • Lacks Wi-Fi

Next coming the Lockly Keyless Entry Latch, giving you an extra peace of mind with its amazing and trustworthy working security t mechanism. This top rated smart locks offer a set of e-keys to share with other family members and friends with the help of its well-organized smartphone application. You can easily lock and unlock the door with a single tap. The in-built numeric keypad offers a 6 to 8 digit code and also help you with a backup of 2 physical keys.

Lockly Keyless Entry Latch smart lock offers the same design as other market leading smart locks, it combines two metal escutcheons. This best lock for home can be made accessible with IOS and Android operating system compatible smart phones. The smart lock tracks unlocking history to be reviewed later on for any type of investigation. You will be notified directly when any of your friend or family member activates their shared E-key. This patented peek-proof smart lock’s interesting algorithm that reshuffles numbers at each use making it impossible to copy the access code. If entered the access code wrong for three times, the touchscreen numeric keypad will be disabled and only activated again by entering the correct twice.

5. Kwikset Touchscreen Keyless Entry Smart Lock

Kwikset Premis Traditional Arched Touchscreen Keyless Entry Smart Lock

  • Build
  • Features
  • Alexa & Google Assistant

Kwikset Touchscreen Keyless Entry Smart Lock coming at 5th place on the list of best smart lock for home. This amazing smart lock is highly durable with so many interesting features on its deck. It packs a strong and compact design that is almost impossible to breach. The smart-key feature of Kwikset Touchscreen smart lock offers you a free hand to change the lock’s smart code any time by not changing its cylinder. It supports a set of 30 smart user codes that can be shared with family members and other trustworthy friends to make it easy for them to access you home, also send you a notification alert when any of the 30 codes is used. The smart lock only supports IOS operating system, slightly disappointing for android smart phone users.

Kwikset Touchscreen Keyless Entry Smart Lock is pretty much easy to install on the door with carrying zero complexity, it takes almost 20 minutes for a laymen to install this best smart lock deadbolt. The Secure mode of a Kwikset Touchscreen Keyless smart lock can help you disable all the shared 30 key code at any time. The smooth glassy keypad radiates a professional look with well organized keys. To meet the surrounding with its design, it holds two variations, one is dark venetian for dark woods and the other is satin nickel that suits everywhere. The lock don’t supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant, so you will be dealing solely with Siri for voice commands.

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6. August Smart Lock +

August Smart Lock +

  • Design
  • Smart Features
  • Pricey

August Smart Lock Plus the second contender from August family, that helps to bring more a secure locking and unlocking security system to your doors. The August Smart Lock Plus offers you to give a keyless access to all of your friends and family member for convenient unlocking, with the help of a well-designed and easy to use smartphone application. For voice integration and remote access to the smart lock, it supports August Connect Wi-fi bridge. This August Smart Lock also keeps the record of existing keys.

Despite the fact that August Smart Lock plus is pricey, it is comparatively really easy to install this lock on any of the door, it hardly takes ten minutes for installation. The smart-unlocking feature offers you the convenience of unlocking the door when you arrives, you won’t be looking for keys all the time. To have voice commands, the smart lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

7. Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock

Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock

  • Easy to Use
  • Feature Rich
  • Z-wave or Zigbee.

Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock coming at 7th place of the list of best door locks. It is feature rich and comes with a good price tag. Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock is highly reliable and versatile by nature. The lock provides an easy to use front interface with numeric keypad to help your family members and friends to get into your home with no trouble. The lock is interestingly equipped with a finger print scanner that allows instant unlocking without any codes entering, the scanner works accurate.

Design-wise the Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock is greatly durable and is IP65 rated, which means the lock can bear rain and other extreme temperatures as well and lock can be installed both indoor and outdoor. The built-in finger print scanner works so fast, within seconds shows you an incorrect entry message when introduced a wrong thumb. The smart lock don’t works on any of the two operating systems, IOS and Android. The Sense-on-recognition let you know with turning light when your hand gets nearer. The lock can save a record of up to 95 thumb prints and keycodes. For voice commands, it supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

8. Oaks Smart Lock

Oaks Smart Lock

  • Flexible & Easy to Use
  • Keyless
  • Password Modification
  • Weak Batteries

Last but not the least, Oaks smart lock, is one of the best smart lock for Airbnb. These smart locks keeps your home more secure than before. You won’t need many locks to make your home secure in order to block all the possible ways for intruders to get in to your house. Oaks smart lock is a worthy investment for keeping households safe and secure. These locks can be made customized easily as per need with a Bluetooth support. The Oaks smart lock also lets you to provide temporary access to your friends and family members.

Design-wise the Oaks smart lock packs a pretty premium design, with keypad at the top-front, a glossy looking Oaks logo. The smart lock can send temporary, permanent, cyclic, custom, and one-time codes. The auto unlock sensor helps to automatically unlock the door without entering any keycode. The compatible smartphone application, keeps log to witness who comes and leaves your house.

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Smart Door Lock FAQs

Since smart door lock technology relatively new and you might be using it for the first time. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding smart door locks and detailed answers for your convenience.

What is a Smart Door Lock?

A smart lock is physically same as a conventional lock and work on the same mechanical concept, however what’s different is that way you lock/unlock the door. A smart lock allows you to lock or unlock the door via code access, fingerprint, you smartphone app or other related means. This makes things easy for you because you won;t have to be worried about carrying a physical key all the time. You simply use your smartphone to unlock the door or you know you code/PIN and enter it.

How Secure a Smart Lock is?

Well, with regards to physical design of it, a smart lock is same as any conventional lock. But it adds to the security furthermore. First and foremost comes the factor that no one will be able to make a copy of your key and unlock the door because most smart locks simply do not have this mechanism of unlocking. On the other hand, if you are not home, you can always get to know who entered or left your home. There are several smart door locks which send you a notification every time the door is lock or unlocked. So, in terms of security, a smart door lock is better than any conventional door lock.

Is Smart Lock Weatherproof?

You will rarely come across locks which will tell you that it is weatherproof. So, the manufacturer do not claim for the lock to be weatherproof but they do write with products that the locks were tested in all sorts of weather and they seemed to work fine. On the other hand, smart locks are mostly installed on doors which are inside your home, like the front door which enters your lounge or main hall of the home. And in majority cases these doors are safe from rain or sever sunlight, so you should not be worrying about the fact if smart locks are weatherproof or not.

How to Install a Smart Lock?

This is one of the most common questions about smart locks, how to install one? The confusion mostly comes from the fact that if your old locked will be replaced or it stays and you add the smart lock besides it. Well you can get either of the two types, some are designed to work in parallel with your old lock while others ask you to remove the old lock first. As far as installation is concerned, it is no different from installing a conventional lock. You even don’t need to drill new holed for it, most of them sit tight on the old drilling. However, it is best to consult a professional because he/she will have all the equipment for it and the chances of your door getting spoiled are decreased.

How Long does the Smart Lock Batteries Work?

Most smart locks are powered by the normal AA batteries, they do not need to be charged or connected to a direct electric connection. And these batteries work spending on the features and power consumption of the lock itself. In most cases, the batteries should work for around 3 months and some new generation locks even take the battery life up to 6 months.

How will I know if the Batteries Need to be Replaced?

This question comes in mind directly once you buy a smart lock and it is good to know before hand. Each smart lock is designed to give you a notification when the battery is low. But the notification time is different, some will alert you via your smartphone app when the battery level comes down to 25% while other may do so at a lower level. Therefore, you need not worry if the batteries will drain and you will be left out of home. This is because first, the lock always reminds you to replace batteries when needed and second, you will always have an alternate means of entry like a PIN code or a physical key in some cases.

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