Best Smartwatch for Women 2022: (Smart & Elegant)

best smartwatch for women

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We have discussed the best Smartwatches for Women in 2022, smartwatches are becoming the new trend for women because of their alluring designs and amazing features. To keep up with the trends, we have organized a list after a thorough research to help you pick the best one. Besides, the included buyer’s guide hosts all important factors to help you clear your mind.

There’s nothing sexier than a working woman having love for technology. A wristwatch is without any doubts an important thing for many people. Since watches are turning into smartwatches now, this is why the competition is on peak. And not only tech companies like Samsung or Apple, in fact, traditional wristwatch manufacturers are also joining the race. You will come across many popular brands who have rolled out smartwatches now.

Here we will be specifically talking about best smartwatches for women. But, how is a smartwatch for women different than those for men? Well, it’s the same old story, there is no difference on the inside because you will get pretty much all the features. But speaking of looks, design, color and aesthetics, this is where the difference comes in. The way some smartwatches are designed and finished, makes them suitable for women. So, without any further ado, these are the best smartwatches for women in 2022. And following this, you’ll see how to choose a smartwatch for yourself.

Editor’s Top 3 Picks

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Rose Gold

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

How to pick the best women’s smartwatch?

Calculated decisions works well in every situation. Here speaking of smart watch for women’s, we have classified watches into design and features category. Design section will include info about what color exactly suits you or what size should you go with, or what how thinner should be the strap size. And on features section, all key features of a smart watch are mentioned in detail. GO through all and pick the best one according to your need and budget.


  1. Case Size – Women tend to have a thinner wrist compared to men, this asks for the question that what should be the case/dial size of your next smartwatch. A bulky one will not only annoy you but look hideous as well. This is the reason manufacturers have designed specific models for women only. So, a smartwatch having a case size of 42mm or below is recommended for women. In some cases, a 44mm case size is also worth it, but anything beyond that will annoy you and will look ugly on your wrist.
  2. Thickness – The depth of the watch matters too. An optimal thickness would not annoy you as you use or wear the watch. Besides, slimmer the watch, fancier it looks. And for women, this is a must look factor because a bulky watch would not look good on your wrist. The recommended thickness, which will make a best smart watch for women is 12mm to 14mm. This range is optimal for a woman’s wrist.
  3. Color – Most of the smartwatches you will come across come in blue, black or silver colors. And these colors are aimed towards both men and women, because wearing a pink watch for an executive meeting sounds lame. However, many smartwatches are also available in other colors, most of which will suit women, like maroon, pink or rose gold etc.
  4. Strap Size – Women tend to wear watches having thinner straps, again, it all matters because of the size of a woman’s wrist. So, a smartwatch is no different than a conventional watch in design, this is why the straps of your smartwatch should be thin too. Anything between 18mm to 20mm is optimal.
  5. Customization – Many smartwatches nowadays offer a range of variants based on design and color. It all matters about you, because the final thing which you will put on you wrist should comfort you in all ways. So, whenever deciding to buy a smartwatch, make sure you check all the colors and designs available. You can choose things like strap color, strap material, face color etc. Moreover, since conventional wrist watch manufacturers are jumping into the smartwatch world too, this means you an easily go around, look for a watch smith and change the straps as per your choice.


  1. Compatibility – One of the very important things before yourself a smartwatch is to check if it is compatible with your smartphones. Otherwise, it will be useless, you might gift it to somebody then, unwillingly. But this is an easy one, there is quite a limited number of operating systems for smartwatches and you should be able to pick one which will work with your smartphone. So, straight forward, an Apple watch will only work with other Apple devices, there is no point in opening for others too, because then Apple won’t be Apple anymore. On the other side, Tizen by Samsung and Wear OS by Google will work properly with Android, provided your Android version is 4.3 or higher. In some cases, Wear OS will also work with iPhone but then you may lose some features. Finally, Fitbit OS which is a popular one, works good on both iPhone and Android.
  2. Sensors – Higher the number of sensors, smarter your smartwatch is. So, you need to look into what sensors your smartwatch brings with it. You should be able to get useful information from those sensors, because a smartwatch is not just meant to receive calls easily or get notifications at your wrist but should keep track of your daily routine too. This is why among sensors, fitness trackers like Heart Rate and GPS are very important to have on a smartwatch. But you should know that not all trackers are accurate and reliable, we will be discussing this with each smartwatch.
  3. Battery Life – Any smartwatch giving you a backup of 15 hours or more is good enough. A smartwatch having less number of features like no voice command etc may last longer like a day or even two. But those packed with features and power, will have a backup of around 15 – 18 hours. And about the charging, some smartwatches can be charged wireless, but these are mostly from big names like Samsung and Apple. And this is why their price goes up too.
  4. Alerts – Getting alerts and notifications from your smartphone to your smartwatch is an important feature. Well, all smartwatches will get your alerts, but here is a difference about how how these alerts are displayed and handled. Make sure, that you can easily see all your alerts or notifications by a single swipe from bottom or top. Some watches simply throw out the notifications if you ignore them for a longer period, which obviously is not a good thing. In fact, for some watches you can even control what notifications you want to get and what not.
  5. Voice Command – Not many people will want to use voice commands, but it is a handy feature and the fact is that this feature is now more sophisticated than it was previously. Chances are, most of the times your smartwatch will get exactly what you are saying. And you will never know, but there will come a time when you will immediately feel the need for voice control. So you should think about it while getting yourself a new smartwatch.

Best Smartwatches for Women

1. Apple Watch Series 5

Smart choice for smart ladies

Apple Watch Series 5

  • Heart Rate / Heart Rhythm
  • GPS + Cellular
  • Tons of Apps
  • Decent Design
  • Bright Display

No one will doubt you if you say that the new Series 5 smartwatch by Apple is best of all for now. This is because of a number of good reasons. It is one insane smartwatch to have on your wrist, it does a lot for you which in turn increases your productivity and makes your day more fun. For women, it is the best smartwatch to have in 2022, not only because of its features but because of the customization Apple offers. You can choose not only from a variety of straps, but the material of it too. You get the option to choose from aluminum, ceramic, titanium or stainless steel. Think of it, can a smartwatch get any better? But wait, being a best smartwatch among thousands to choose from, it also is the most expensive of them all. This is something which you need to think about.

Now ladies, you will come across other smartwatches which can go as long as 7 days on their battery, of course based on standard usage. But Apple Series 5 lasts only a day, this might sound troublesome but it’s not if you think of what it offers compared to others. You do not get cellular service on most of the competition, neither do they come with super bright and vibrant displays. And how can we not talk about the powerful processor and chipset it houses on the inside. So yes, the battery of this smartwatch does not sound good but its features are miles ahead of the competition. Things like active compass, emergency calling, the impressive digital crown is what sets this smart watch apart from others.

Speaking of fitness, it comes with exceptional sensors which can tell you a lot. Like you can check your heart rate and heart rhythm which obviously means a lot to everyone. More, it even tells you when you are exposed to very loud volumes, and the impact it can have on your hearing later on. Being the best smartwatch for women, it even lets you track your menstrual cycle, so you could log information about it. The way it displays your fitness goals and motivates you to go a bit more is superb as well. So, Apple Series 5 is one of the best women’s smartwatch for now in all aspects. The only which isn’t so good is that the watch is pricey, starting at $399 and can go as high as 799 dollars.

2. Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

Available in many colors

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Built-in Alexa
  • 6 Day Battery
  • Slim & Fancy

The previous Fitbit Versa Smartwatch was more of a fitness tracker but the new Fitbit Versa 2 has much more and is truly a best smartwatch for women. It comes in many colors, out of which Bordeaux would be the best option for ladies. The straps of it are easily interchangeable and you can buy them separately. They come in different colors and material. About the design of the watch itself, it has a 40mm face and is just over 12mm thick which means it is one of the most slimmest smartwatches. The smartwatch weighs much lower compared to its predecessor which was 38 grams, so it is lightweight and you can even wear it while sleeping, it won’t annoy you at all.

The display of it is a color AMOLED touch, this makes it brighter, a better touch and accurate with colors. For the home screen or you may call it the clock face, you can choose from 100’s of available options from the Fitbit app which is available in both Android and iPhone. As mentioned in the start that it is a fitness tracker, and it really does a lot to keep you healthy. You get a coaching center in it, where you go and select the workout you want to do, it then trains you like a coach and keeps track of time as well. Also, it has a heart rate monitor on the back which works 24/7 and you can always check your heart rate on the bottom left of the watch’s clock face. Moreover, there is a sleep tracking feature as well. So, wear it when going to sleep and next morning it will tell you a lot of things like when you were in deep sleep and when not. And now in this new watch, Fitbit brought in a new subscription system for $10 a month. By subscribing that you get access to premium programs which include guided eating, running and sleeping etc.

For notifications and alerts, you get almost everything from your phone, things like Whats App, message or call alert. You can even reply to messages, and it comes wit Alexa built-in which means now the smartwatch has a microphone as well. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch comes with its own dock charger where you place the watch and it starts charging safely. The battery is awesome here, it can go as high as 5 days depending on your use. If you use it continuously for some task which consumes battery, it will still go for 24 hours. So, this is an awesome smartwatch for women, the looks of it are fancy and you get all features one could expect from a smartwatch, besides, the price of it is not too high either. And now that Google owns Fitbit, this will open ways to more better updates and synchronization across your Android devices.

3. Apple Watch Series 4

Good battery & performance

Apple Watch Series 4

  • 18 Hours Battery Backup
  • Ceramic Back
  • LTE Available
  • Fall Detection
  • Loud Speaker

When you think of a smartwatch, Apple Series 4 is the only thing that really beats all features and comes up to the top. The only thing which will stop you from buying it is the high price tag and that it works with with iPhone only. Apart from this, it is a superb smartwatch for women, because it comes in a wide range of colors, has two variants of face sizes (40mm and 44mm), and is nicely slim too. The bands of it can be of different colors, styles and materials. It all depends on what you like the most or what will ease you the most. Back of the watch is ceramic made which allows all the signals to pass through easily and honestly is a nice feel to the hand compared to previous model.

Since you can use LTE on it, this requires the mic and speakers to be awesome, and yes they are. The speaker is nicely loud, as if it were from some good smartphone. There is this digital crown on the right which you can use to scroll the screen and many other things. The screen of it is more colorful and bright compared to what was on previous models. And yes you also get a walky-talky mode, using which you can get on with your friends who also have this smartwatch. Another good addition is the fall detection, so whenever you smartwatch gets to know that you have fallen, it offers you to call emergency services. You can either reject that offer or if you don’t, it will go ahead and make the call automatically.

Battery life of it is superb as well, on mixed use it can last as high as 18 hours which is pretty impressive. For fitness and health, it has awesome sensors which are precise. And you also get to do cool things like starting a competition with your friends related to workout and track everything together. So, this smartwatch from Apple is way better than all its previous models and it has much more to offer. The only thing which may stop you from buying this best smartwatch 2022 for women, should be budget constraints and apart from that it should be your go to option.

4. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Rose Gold

Conventional Outside, Smart Inside

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Rose Gold

  • 3 Days Battery Backup
  • LTE Enabled
  • Tizen 4.0
  • Scroll Dial Swipe
  • Good Speaker

Here comes the best Android smartwatch for women, it is stylish, has got a ton of features and gives an amazing battery backup. The rose gold variant of this smartwatch is an exact match for women’s wrist, it has a case size of 45.7mm x 41.9mm and the depth of which is 12.7mm, making it perfect for ladies. The straps of it come in three different sizes and the watch weighs around 49 grams which might be a bit higher compared to new models, but it still is acceptable.

It comes with a Super AMOLED display which really makes it a stunning one, it also is water and dust resistant. For those interested, it is LTE and GPS enabled, so you could be doing a lot with this smartwatch. The OS inside it is Tizen 4.0 which enables it to be compatible with both Android devices and iPhone. An interesting thing here is that the screen is touch enabled yes, but you can also use the scroll around the circular dial and swipe between apps, it feels better than touch and becomes more easier too.

About fitness and tracking, things are not very accurate. Surely, the sensors work, but the results are not at a level where you could base your serious workout sessions on it. However, among other things, the heart rate sensor is pretty accurate. The LTE feature on it is pretty much up to the mark, the speaker on it is good too but not the loudest one. But, one can still manage and get over a call using this smartwatch. Reply to text notifications is something you would not like, because the screen is small and you won’t be able to type. However, you can go for quick responses which are available in a wide range. Finally about the battery, it can go as high as 3 days on basic usage which means a mix use of everything time to time. So yes, this smartwatch should be a go to option for ladies who want to get an android smartwatch and also want something a little within budget.

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5. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna

A true feminine touch

Fossil Gen 5 julianna

  • 44mm Case
  • 12mm Band
  • 8GB Internal Storage
  • Swim Proof
  • Android / iOS Compatible

The Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Stainless steel watch solves many of the issues we had in the previous versions: there is no smoother performance and added functionality like heart-rate monitoring and GPS tracker. Plus, the battery isn’t any more a sluggishly slow to charge. In short, Fossil Gen 5 Julianna wiped out many of the headaches and pain. Fossil still is the brand to go for if you are after a fashionable smartwatch and are not an Apple user.

Fossil when creates new smartwatches, focuses more on its build with different styles, finishes, colors, different bands and straps available. Fossil Gen 5 has a black 44mm case with a gold-colored bezel around the watch face and a black Milanese-style steel watch band. The band size is 22mm and is interchangeable with all other fossil bands of the same size. The device is compatible with Android OS 6.0+ (Excluding Go Edition) and iOS 10.0+.

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Stainless is packed with much-needed Snapdragon 3100, a heart-rate sensor, GPS location tracking, Google Assistant for voice commands assistance, as well as replacing the sluggish and weak wireless charging disk for a much more reliable and speedy contract charging system. There is a speaker included in this watch for audible notification alerts and receiving phone calls. Comes with 8GB of storage for downloading third-party apps and 1GB RAM capacity. Magnetic USB rapid charger is included to charge up to 80% in under an hour.

6. Kate Spade Women’s Scallop Smartwatch 2


Kate Spade Women's Scallop Smartwatch 2

  • Wear 0S
  • 40mm Case
  • Voice Activated
  • Built-in GPS
  • NFC Payments

Scallop 2 is the new model of Scallop Smartwatch, it has slight design changes in it and some major changes on the inside. Starting with the design, the watch has 40mm case size and 3.4 inches screen which is touch enabled. The wristbands are 16mm in size which means they are thin. You can get the watch in many colors, some of which are white, black, gold and rose gold. Besides, you can choose to go for either metal bracelet or leather straps. On the left it has a rotating crown and a button. The crown as usual in smartwatches is used for scrolling purposes instead of touch. The button here is a nice addition which takes you to a menu where you can choose your outfit colors and the watch theme will adapt to it.

Alright, it is powered by Wear OS by Google, this makes it compatible with all new Android and iOS devices. It is powered by Snapdragon 2100 which is enough for all the things you will be doing on this best smartwatch. You can easily add apps to it from the play-store and make things easy in your daily routine. On the back of it you will see a heart rate sensors which works pretty good. So you can easily track things like calories burned and steps etc. There is built-in GPS as well, which means you do not need your phone to be connected all the time.

More, unlike the previous model, it has NFC Payments option now so you can easily make your payments using your smartwatch. It also is voice activated which makes it a good one to be connected to your assistant and control things. And last but not the least, for further convenience, it can be charged wireless. However, despite all these good things, the price of it might restrict you from buying it.

7. Michael Kors Access Unisex Silvertone Bradshaw

A large size smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Unisex

  • 45mm Case
  • 9mm Depth
  • IP67 Water Resistant
  • Stainless Steel
  • Multiple Time Zones

For women, who want a smartwatch which has all the features in it, but still looks same like a conventional wristwatch, this is it. It is elegant, has a great design and the overall metal structure is what sets this watch apart. The 45mm case size might by a downside for women because this size is recommended for men. But never mind, if other things are good and the watch itself adds some level of style into your getup then why bother the size. On the other side, the thickness of this smartwatch is 9mm only making it of the thinnest.

It is powered by Wear OS on the inside, making it good to go go with Android or iOS devices. It comes with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, they are designed to consume low power. This enables the watch to work for 24 hours or even beyond that based on how you use your watch. More, it is IP67 water resistant, so you don’t need to worry about going out in rainy weather or even going for a swim.

The reason this watch makes it to be one of the best smartwatches for women is mainly how the watch is designed. It has elegant looks and the silver stainless steel make is what makes it even more exciting. Besides, on the inside you get pretty much all the things which makes it a good smartwatch. But yes, the watch is an expensive one, because the same amount you spend here can get you something from Apple or Samsung which of course would be a better choice in regards to features.

8. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Rose Gold

A budget smartwatch for women

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Rose Gold

  • 40mm Case
  • 10.5mm Thickness
  • 25 Grams
  • 45 Hours Battery
  • Wireless Charging

Galaxy Active is budget smartwatch from Samsung which comes with pretty much all features but certain things have been cut off to bring its price down. One of the things which you might not see is the rotating bezel which in Galaxy Smartwatch is used for swiping purposes. Here in this watch, you will have to do everything using the touch screen and the buttons on the left side.

The case size of it 40mm which is optimal for women and the depth of it is 10.5mm only. These dimensions show that it is a slim and minimal watch, but wait, what’s more stunning is that it only weighs 25 grams which is insane. As mentioned earlier, Samsung has tried to make it a budget friendly watch and has targeted the watch more towards fitness geeks. It has a heart rate senor at the back, this allows the watch to tell you your heart rate and an additional thing which is the blood pressure. Besides, it has other workout activities in it which for sure will make your workout more fun and progressive.

Overall, this best smartwatch for women from Samsung has got decent looks. It comes in 4 different colors which are black, silver, rose gold and green. In addition, there is a wide range of colors among the straps which you can choose or you can just go from any strap from the outside, which is 20mm. Talking about the charge, you can charge your smartwatch wireless from the charging pad or any other smartphone which supports reverse wireless charging. And it works for around 45 hours on mix usage time to time.

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9. Motorola Moto 360 Women’s 2nd Gen

A rose gold smartwatch

Motorola Moto 360 Women

  • 42mm Case
  • Leather/Metallic Straps
  • MotoBody Feature
  • Music Control
  • 2 Days Battery

Moto 360 has a specific version designed for women. Of course this version has a good case size for women and some colors which women will love the most, compared to men. It is a 42mm case which comes with 16mm wrist straps. You can decide to go for either leather or metallic straps, both of which look good with the watch. It is available in a wide range of colors, rose gold among which is the most beautiful one for women. More, it is powered by Android Wear which is basically Wear OS by Google. This allows the phone to work with both Android and iOS devices.

Speaking of what’s on the inside. You get to chose from a variety of clock faces and all are stunning. One of the best things here is the feature called MotoBody, it lets you know things like your heart rate, steps you’ve walked and whether or not you have achieved your goals, which you have to set any in advance. Besides notifications and alerts, you can even control the music using your smartwatch, making it one of the best android smartwatch for women.

Talking about the battery juice, it is pretty much up to the mark. You can use the watch for 2 – 3 days, based on how you use it. But things like continuous GPS nav or workout mode will drain the battery faster. But nothing to worry about, it gets fully charged in just an hour. Now, the reason why you may want to chose this over other good smartwatches like from Samsung is the price of it. You can get it for just $200 which makes sense if you prefer it over others.

10. Skagen Falster 3 Gen 5

A minimal informal smartwatch

Skagen Falster 3 Gen 5

  • OLED Display
  • Snapdragon 3100
  • Auto-Brightness
  • Minimal Design

The Skagen Falster 3 Gen 5 is a breath of fresh air for smartwatches, its unique industrial design packing enough power and display quality to meet much of your basic needs. With its stainless steel casing that has flat sides, makes its design unique with a minimal look. Generally comes in four styles, one of which is limited edition and designed in collaboration with X by Kygo. There’s also an X by KYGO watch face that you can use on any of them.

The Skagen Connected Falster 3’s physical design is the biggest plus, the circular metal body feels sturdy without tipping over into bulky, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch; the pipe-like wristband struts doubtless have a slimming effect on the watch’s look. The 1.3 inches OLED display also is another strength of a Skagen Falster 3 delivering amazingly accurate colors. The display sits nested in a noticeable metal ring, which should also serve to protect it from dings and nicks.

The Falster 3 performs adequately well for its minimal Wear OS functions, thanks to its use of the strong chipset that is Snapdragon 3100 – The same that comes in Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, a slightly dated processor that still hasn’t been succeeded. Paired with 1GB of RAM and the Falster 3 has the best specs possible for a Wear OS Smartwatch.


Smartwatches are the new best gadgets, everyone is trying to get one. It adds up to your old habit of putting on a wristwatch and also gets you a ton of other features at your wrist. For women, these smartwatches come in different colors and design, this is because besides being smart, an elegant look is important too. So you could go for any best smartwatch for women 2022 mentioned above and get things easy in your life.

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