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Guide to Best Straight Razor for Beginners in 2020

We’ve put together a list of best straight razors for beginners. These are the best straight razors available on the market right now. Shaving is important for many men and therefore you need to have the best equipment for it.

These best straight edge razors for beginners ensure safety and a nice shave together. They are easy to use for beginners and pros both. Besides, as a beginner, you can also go through our guide about how to shave with a straight razor and how to choose it. Here then, are the best straight razors for beginners in 2020.

6 Best Straight Razors for Beginners

  1. Naked Armor’s Solomon Straight Razor
  2. Shave Ready Straight Razor
  3. Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor
  4. A.P. Donovan Straight Razor
  5. DOVO Inox Straight Razor
  6. Classic Samurai Straight Edge Razor

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How to Shave with a Straight Razor

A straight razor is an open blade that folds into its handle. Let’s go through a detailed guide about how to shave your face with a straight razor. There are some important steps that need to be followed while shaving with a straight razor. You must have full knowledge of using a straight razor before shaving. Here is how to use a straight razor properly.

Wash your face

While shaving with a straight razor it’s necessary to hydrate your face with hot water for an easy shave without cuts on the face. The purpose of hydrating the face with hot water is to open up your facial pores and make your skin soft which makes the process of shaving easy.

There are many ways for hydrating your face, two of which are easy and effective. First, you can take a shower with hot water and wash your face for five to six minutes. Or you can follow the method of the barbers, soak a small towel in hot water and then wrap it around your face for the next few minutes.

Use Pre-shave Oil

After hydrating your face with hot water now it’s time to use pre-shave oil. You have to rub pre-shave oil over your face. A good quality pre-shave oil will make the process of shaving easy for you. Always go for good quality natural oils like coconut and olive etc. Such oils help make your beard soft for an easy shave and your razor does not get stuck at all.

Use a Good Shaving Brush

Soap or shaving cream can be applied to your face using your hand, but the best way is to have a good shaving brush. Always use a high-quality brush made up of badger hair. Take a mug filled with hot water, put the brush in it and let the brush soak for one or two minutes. After this process, the brush will be ready for a soft shave.

Making Lather

Pour water as well as soup or cream in a mug. It depends on your choice, whether you use soap or cream but shaving cream is a better option. Because a soap will not make good lather compared to shaving cream.

Now come to the point for making the lather. Place the shaving brush in the mug and mix the cream with water. The more you stir the brush the more the lather becomes thicker which is a good approach for having a smooth shave.

Using the Razor

The handle of the razor is usually made up of plastic or wood. As it’s very difficult to hold the handle of the razor. So the best way is to place your thumb to the backside of the blade on the shank. The index, ring and middle fingers will be placed on the other side of shank opposite to the thumb. There will be a small piece of metal on the outside of the handle place your pinky on that. This is a basic grip that provides comfort for directional control.

It’s also important to hold the blade at the proper angle. Hold the blade at 30° to your skin. Turn the blade slightly as the sharp part of the blade points downward at your skin and the handle must be near to your nose.

Use the other hand for stretching your skin. You have to stretch your skin using your free hand so that you could easily reach out to all your facial hair. This method should be used for the whole face. Holding the razor at the proper angle is very necessary. Take a start from the top of your cheek as the hair grows to the bottom side in this area. Now move on towards the jaw and chin, keep on moving the razor slightly towards the bottom in a smooth way.

The best way to move from cheek to your chin and upper lips is to continue from the side of the face. This part of the skin can get a cut easily, therefore you need to move smoothly towards the point. And you need to pull your lips tight for good results at this part of the skin.

Wash your face and lather up again as you did before. Now you need to shave your skin from side to side but this time you have to go smoother and gently as compared to the first time. You have to move razor from the ears to the center.

If you want more closer shave so then you have to make a final pass against the grain. Re-lather your face and repeat the process as gently as possible. Now wash your face with cold water, it will moisturize your skin. You could also use after-shave and you must clean your razor using water or a soft cloth.

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Best Straight Razor Reviews 2020

1. Naked Armor’s Solomon Straight Razor

Naked Armor’s Solomon Straight Razor

As far as straight razors go, our top choice is Naked Armor’s Solomon Straight Razor (Brown). This straight razor was designed to perfection with an elegant algum wood handle and a Japanese steel blade that was given an HRC rating of 61-65. HRC is the rating you give for how hard a blade is and this one’s got a good rating.

The razor is sharp and easy to maintain which is great if you enjoy shaving regularly and would want a shave that’s consistently close and clean. The blade is unique because it’s between a fully hollow and half hollow grind which gives it more versatility than other razors. The handle offers this razor a good balance which should make shaving a breeze because the razor will do most of the work for you. It’s also accented with 115-grain two-sided gold copper heads giving it an extra touch of luxury.

The best part? It’s a great product at a really affordable price point. At less than $90, this razor is worth every penny. It’s a great everyday razor that will last for decades so all things considered, it’s a definite champ.

2. Shave Ready Straight Razor

best straight razor for beginners

Shave Ready Buckingham is a sharp razor designed for a good shave. It is a 6/8 round point classic cut throat straight razor. If you want to get a good shave with a low budget, this one is the best option available. Your grip on the razor is very important while shaving, this razor is made up of fire-hardened steel and therefore provides you a nice grip while shaving, this makes it one of the best straight razors for beginners. It is an overall good straight razor for daily use.

The package includes high-quality shaving soap, a good quality shaving brush, a box for storing a blade and a strop. All this makes it the best straight razor kit for beginners.

The price it is offered is totally justifiable because of its quality and the accessories you get in the package. Compared to other straight razors in the market, this one is a total winner in terms of quality, ease of use and budget as well.

3. Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

best straight edge razor for beginners

This razor comes with a replaceable blade option. It is made up of stainless steel which provides ease of shave to you resisting heat and chemicals. As this razor has rounded shaving head and optimal blade exposure, therefore, it provides you a soft and smooth shave.

The handle of this best straight razor for beginners is made up of silicone resin which provides you a good grip on its handle. The process for replacing the blades is simple as well. You just have to push the head of it and the blade will pop out itself. It’s a fast process, you just need to be careful while doing it.

The cleaning process of this razor is also very simple. The head can be easily cleaned from inside by washing it with water for removing shaving cream or soap. Finally, it comes at a very low price. The only reason you get it for a low price is that it has no other accessories or kit. It’s just a plane razor that provides a nice and smooth shaving process.

4. A.P. Donovan Straight Razor

best straight razor kit for beginners

For a nice and smooth shave without cuts, you cannot compromise on the quality of the razor. This razor is made of high-quality steel. The fact that this straight razor comes with a good grip and can be easily balanced makes it one of the best straight razor for beginners. It is carefully prepared with mahogany wood which is famous for its durability and color. Overall it’s a good combination of steel and wood which gives you a nice shaving experience.

The razor does not come alone in the package, it’s a complete kit. A brush made of badger hair is included in the kit which adds towards a good shaving experience. You also get a leather strap in the kit which is made of Kazakh cow and robust linen fabric.

A.P.Donovan straight razor comes in a beautiful and well-decorated box. This box is designed to avoid any sort of scratches and the price is also justifiable compared to the premium quality of everything which you get.

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5. DOVO Inox Straight Razor

best straight razor

Here is another good straight razor for a nice and easy shaving experience. It is handcrafted and the manufacturing process includes 80 unique steps. For quick and sharp results, it uses carbon steel. And just like all other razors, it also needs to be taken care of. You need to dry it with a cloth after use in order to prevent it from any sort of rust.

For the best results, you need to strop it time and again. Once again, all the quality and premium feel it brings with it is because of the 80 unique steps involves in its handcrafted manufacturing process.

Despite the best quality and the fact that it is handcrafted, it still has a nice price. There are some razors in the market which are expensive and still don’t work well. But this one here is a nice little friend which works just fine.

6. Classic Samurai Straight Edge Razor

best cheap straight razor

This straight razor comes with stainless steel on the blade end and a nice smooth black handle. This combination provides a good grip for a quick shave. It comes with a flip blade lock which makes the blade replacement easy.

It works with single edge blades, but you can always snap a double edge blade into two and then use them separately. It can be a good choice for barbers, for them, the blade replacement mechanism saves time on the go. You also get a pouch for protecting it when not in use.

Beginners may think a hundred times before using any straight razor and it’s true. However this razor is designed keeping safety first, there are very minimal chances of going the wrong way because of its safety-first nature. Finally, it is offered at a very reasonable price.

How to Choose a Straight Razor

When it comes to choosing a straight razor there are many factors that are very necessary to be considered. Following are some factors which you must look into before deciding which straight razor to buy.

  • First and most important factor for choosing a straight razor is having a choice between fixed or disposable type. The fixed blade razor is a good choice for those who don’t have daily use of the razor. Also, it is a good choice for beginners because they don’t have to face the issue of replacing the blade. Whereas the disposable blade razor is best for barbers and for those who have daily use of razor.
  • The second factor which has to be considered while having a straight razor is the handle of the razor. The selection of the handle depends upon the taste of a person. Normally the handle is made of plastic or wood. All materials work equally good but the choice of a handle makes the razor unique and gives a personal touch.
  • Material used for making the blades is also an important point to consider. The best choice for a blade is carbon steel because such blades are sharp. Another good choice can be Damascus blade because different kinds of steel are brought together for best results.
  • Finally the price is an important factor too. Many people may consider that a razor is a simple thing and a cheap one will work the same as an expensive one but this is not the case. Some razors are made of bad material, they don’t work well and are degraded easily. While other razors come with a premium touch, they are safe, quick and give best results for shaving purposes.

That’s all about the best straight razor for beginners in 2020 from us. Hope by now you know which of these razors is the perfect fit for you.

We update our reviews on a monthly basis. You can always come back and check if there is something new next month.

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Now Let’s hear from you.

Which straight razor did you find most suitable?

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Feel free to leave a comment, we love to hear from our readers.

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